Compound Interest

1.  Raja invested Rs 15000 at the rate of 10% pa for 1yr. If the interest is compounded half yearly. Find the amount received by Raja at the end of the year.?
A. Rs. 16537.50B. Rs. 18000
C. Rs. 19000.50D. Rs. 20000

2.  Find the compound interest on Rs 31250 at 16% pa compound quarterly for 9 months ?
A. Rs. 4000B. Rs. 3902
C. Rs. 3500D. Rs. 4200

3.  The compounded interest is Rs 6. 40 more than the simple interest, if a sum is lent for 2 yr at 8% compounded interest find the sum ?
A. Rs. 1800B. Rs. 10000
C. Rs. 800D. Rs. 1000

4.  The population of a country is 10 crore and it is the possibility that the populating will become 13.31 core in 3 yr. what will be the annual rate percent on this growth?
A. 8%B. 12.7%
C. 10%D. 15%

5.  A sum, at the compound rate of interest becomes 2 ½ times in 6 yr. the same sum becomes what times in 18yr ?
A. 5B. 6
C. 7D. None of These

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