Compound Interest

6.  What is the different between compound interest and simple interest for 2 yr on the sum of Rs 1250 at 4% pa?
A. Rs. 3B. Rs. 4
C. Rs. 2D. Rs. 8

7.  The simple interest for cercter sum in 2 yr at 4% pa is Rs 80. What will be the compound interest for the same sum, if condition of rate and time period are same?
A. 90.60B. 81.60
C. 71.60D. 80

8.  At what rate of compounded interest pa will a sum of Rs 2400 become Rs 2696.64 in 2 yr?
A. 6%B. 8%
C. 7%D. 9%

9.  An amount at the rate of 5% pa become Rs 10 more at compound interest than that of simple interest after 2yr. calculate the principal.
A. Rs. 4000B. Rs. 4050
C. Rs. 4150D. Rs. 4200

10.  If Rs 3000 amounts to Rs 4320 at compound interest in a certain times, than Rs 3000 amounts to what in half of the times?
A. Rs. 3400B. Rs. 3550
C. Rs. 3500D. Rs. 3600

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