Compound Interest

11.  A borrowed sum was paid in the two annual instilment of RS 121 each. If the rate of compound interest is 10% pa, what Sam was borrowed ?
A. 217. 80B. 210
C. 220D. 200

12.  Find the least number of compounds of complete year in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest, will be more than double
A. 3 yrB. 4 yr
C. 5 yrD. 6 yr

13.  A sum of money is borrowed and paid back in two annual instilments of Rs 1764 each, allowing 5% compound interest. What was the sum borrowed?
A. 4000B. 3340
C. 3000D. 3280

14.  The income of a company increases 20% pa. if its income is Rs 2664000 in the year 1998, what was tis income in 1996?
A. 1800000B. 4536527
C. 1850000D. 3830000

15.  The simple interest on certain on a certain sum of money for 3 yr at 8% pa is half the compound interest on Rs 8000 for 2 yr at 10% pa. Find the sum placed on simple interest ?
A. 3500B. 3800
C. 4000D. 3600

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