Data Interpretations


1. The Percentage of gross investments in state Government Securities is nearly-
A. 7.1%B. 7.8%
C. 8.6%D. 9.2%

2.  The magnitude of the acute ∠BOC is nearly-
A. 25oB. 40o
C. 50oD. 60o

3.  The investment in society oriented sectors (Plan and Non-plan) is.....than the investment in Government Securities(central and states) by-
A. More,4 croreB. More,1 crore
C. More,111 croreD. Less,106 crore

4.  The investment in private sector is nearly....per cent higher than the investment in State Government Securities
A. 66B. 54
C. 46D. 40

5.  The ratio of the area of the sector CDEF to the area of the sector CBAF is nearly-
A. 1B. 0.75
C. 0.50D. 0.25

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