6.  The total number of employees in a bank is 5350 out of which 28% are female What is the respective ratio between the numbers of female employees to the number of male employee?
A. 7 : 18B. 5 : 18
C. 7 : 16D. 7 : 17

7.  The price of a creation article is Rs. 15,000 but due to slump in the market, Its price decreases by 8% find the new price of the article ?
A. Rs. 14,000B. Rs. 13,800
C. Rs. 16,500D. Rs. 12,600

8.  If income of vandana is 25% more than that of aarti, then income of aarti is how much percent less than that of vandana?
A. 18%B. 21%
C. 20%D. 25%

9.  A number when 35 is subtracted from it, reduces to its 80%. What is 4/5th of that number?
A. 70B. 90
C. 120D. 140

10.  If length and breadth of a rectangle became half and double, respectively what Be the resultant area?
A. 25%B. 55%
C. 75%D. 80%

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