Simple Interest

11.  A sum was interest for 4 yr at a certain rate of simple interest. It the had been invested at 2% more annual rate of interest, then Rs 56 more would have been obtained. What is the sum?
A. Rs 680B. Rs 700
C. Rs 720D. Rs 820

12.  The simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 ½ yr at 12% per annum is Rs 20 less than the simple interest on the same sum for 3 ½ yr at 10% our annum. Find the sum ?
A. Rs 800B. Rs 750
C. Rs 625D. Rs 400

13.  Find the differences in amount and principal for Rs 4000 at the rate of 5% annual interest in 4yr.?
A. Rs 865.50B. Rs 865
C. Rs 400D. Rs 800

14.  Rashmi lent Rs 600 to Geeta for 2 yr and Rs 150 to seta for 4 yr and received altogether Rs 80 as simple interest from both, find the rate of interest
A. 3%B. 4%
C. 5%D. None of these

15.  The simple interest on a sum of money is 1 / 16 of the principal and the number of year is equable to the rate percent annum. Find the rate percent. ?
A. 5%B. 7%
C. 9%D. None of these

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