Durand Line Boundary between India and Afghanistan demarcated by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1986. At present, the line separates Afghanistan and Pakistan
Hindenburg Line The line to which the Germans retreated in 1917 during the World War 1, defines the boundary between Germany and France
Line of Control The Line of Control divides Kashmir between India and Pak-occupied Kashmir  (PoK)
Line of Actual Control This line divides north eastern part of India and China
McMahon Line The boundary between China and India as demarcated by Sir Henry McMahon. China does not recognize this line.
Maginot Line Boundary between France and Germany
Oder Neisse Line The boundary between Germany and Poland
Radcliffe Line Drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947, it demarcates the boundary of India and Pakistan.
Siegfried Line It is the line of fortification drawn up by Germany on her borders with France
16th parallel Between Namibia and Angola
17th parallel The line which defined the boundary between North Vietnam and South Vietnam before the two were united
24th parallel It is the line which Pakistan claims for demarcation between India and Pakistan. This, However is not recognized by India
26th parallel It is a circle of latitude which crosses through Africa, Australia and South America
30th parallel 30th parallel north is a line of latitude that stands one third of the way between the equator and the North Pole
33rd parallel Between North California and Georgia
38th parallel The boundary between North Korea and South Korea
49th parallel The boundary line between the USA and Canada
8 Degree Channel Separates Minicoy Island (India) from Maldives
9 Degree Channel Separates Kavaratti from Minicoy Island
10 Degree Channel Separates Andamans from Nicobars ( Little Andaman from Car Nicobar )
Duncan Passage Lies between South  Andaman and Little Andaman
Palk Strait It is a strait between Tamilnadu and Mannar district of Northern Province of Sri Lanka.


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