Days and Weeks

1 National Science Congress Establishment Day
5 Louis Braille Day
9 NRI day(Pravasi Bharathiya Diwas)
10 World Laughter Day
World Hindi Day
12 National Youth Day(Birthday of Swami Vivekanandar)
15 Army Day
24 National Girl Child Day
25 National Tourism Day
National Voters Day
26 Indian Republic Day
30 World Leprosy Eradication Day
Martyr’s Day(Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom)


1 Indian Coast Guard Day
2 World Wetlands Day
4 World Cancer Day
12 World Production Day
Darwin Day
20 World Social Justice Day
21 International Mother Tongue Day
24 Central Excise Day
28 National Science Day
Dr.C.V.Raman Birth Day


3 National Defence Day
4 National Safety Day
8 International Women’s Day
11 Andaman-Nicobar Day
15 World Consumer Rights Day
World Disabled Day
16 National Vaccination Day
21 World Forest Day
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22 World Water Day
23 World Meteorological Day
Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru Martyrdom Day
24 World TB Day
27 World Theatre Day


5 National Maritime Day
7 World Health Day
10 World Homeopathy Day(Birthday of Samuel Haneman)
13 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Day
14 Ambedkar Day
17 World Haemophilia Day
18 World Heritage Day
21 Indian Civil Service Day
22 World Earth Day
24 Panchayat Diwas


1 International Labour Day(May Day)
2 World Asthma Day
3 International Energy Day
World Press Freedom Day
7 Rabindranath Tagore Birth Anniversary
8 World Red Cross day
World Thalassemia Day
11 National Technology Day
12 International Nurses Day
15 International Family Day
17 World Telecommunication Day
21 Anti-Terrorism Day
23 World Bio-Diversity Day
24 Commonwealth Day
30 Journalism Day
31 World No Tobacco Day


5 World Environment Day
12 World Day Against Child Labour
14 World Blood Donor Day
18 Father’s Day
20 World Refugee Day
23 International Widows Day
29 National Statistics Day(PC Mahalanobis Birthday)


1 Doctor’s Day(Birth and Death Anniversary of Dr BC Roy)
SBI Foundation Day
4 USA Independence Day
7 International Day of Co-operatives
11 World Population Day
18 Nelson Mandela Day
22 National Flag Adoption Day
26 Kargil Victory Day


1 World Breast Feeding Day
6 Hiroshima Day(World Peace Day)
8 World Senior Citizen’s Day
9 Nagasaki Day
Quit India Day
12 International Youth Day
14 Sanskrit Day
15 India’s Independence Day
19 World Photography Day
20 Sadhbavana Diwas(Birthday of Rajiv Gandhi)
29 National Sports Day(Birthday of Dhayanchand)


1 Non-Aligned Movement(NAM) Day)
5 National Teacher’s Day
8 International Literacy Day
15 Engineer’s Day
International Day of Democracy
16 World Ozone Day
24 World Deaf Day
World Heart Day
25 Social Justice Day
27 World Tourism Day


1 International Day for Elders
2 International Non-Violence Day
Lal Bagadhur Sasthri and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
3 World Habitat Day
4 World Animal Day
6 World Wildlife Day
8 Indian Air Force Day
9 World Postal Day
10 World Mental Health Day
12 World Sight Day
13 World Calamity Control Day
14 World Standards Day
15 World White Cane day
16 World Food Day
17 International Poverty Eradication Day
20 National Solidarity Day(China attacked India on that day)
21 World Iodine Shortage Day
24 United Nations Day
30 World Thrift Day
31 National Integration Day(In memory of death anniversary of Indira Gandhi


7 Infant Protection Day
World Cancer Awareness Day
9 Legal Services Day
10 Transport Day
11 National Education Day
14 Children’s Day(in the memory of JL Nehru Birthday)
World Diabetes Day
16 National Press Day
17 National Epilepsy Day
18 World Adult Day
19 World Citizen Day
20 Universal Children’s Day
21 World Fisheries Day
25 World Non-Veg Prevention Day
World Day against Torture of Women
26 National Law Day
World Environment Protection Day


1 World AIDS Day
2 International day for the Abolition of Slavery
3 World Disabled Day
4 Navy Day
World Handicapped Day
5 International Volunteers Day
7 Armed forces Flag Day
9 World Day Against Corruption
10 Human Rights Day
14 National Energy Conservation Day
16 Vijay Diwas(In the memory of win over Pakistan in 1971 war)
19 Goa’s Liberation Day
23 Kisan Diwas(Farmer’s Day)
25 National Good Governance Day

Important Weeks:

First week of January National Road Safety Week
12-18 February National Productivity Week
10-16 April National Rail Week
1-7 September National Nutrition Week
14-20 September National Hindi Week
Last week of September National Forest Week
9-15 October National Postal Week
14-20 November National Books Week
18-24 November National Medicine Week
1-7 December Indian Navy Week


UN - 10 Years:

1980-90 Second Disarmament Decade
1981-90 International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade
1983-92 UN decade for Disabled Persons
1988-97 World decade for Cultural Development
1990-99 Un Decade for International Law
International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
1990-2000 International Decade for Eradication of Colonialism
1991-2000 Un Decade Against Drug Abuse
1994-2004 Decade for Human Rights Education
1997-2006 Decade for the Eradication  of Poverty
2003-2012 UN Literacy Decade : Education for All
2005-2014 UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
2006-2015 Decade for Recovery and Sustainable Development of the Affected Regions
2008-2017 Second UN Decade for Eradication of Poverty
2010-2020 Un decade for Deserts and Fight Against Desertification
2011-2020 Decade of Action for Road Safety
UN Decade on Bio-Diversity
Third UN Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism

UN - Weeks

1-7 February World Inter-Faith Harmony Week
21-27 March Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling Against Racism and Racial Discrimination
23-29 April UN Global Road Safety Week
25-31 May Week of Solidarity with the People of  Non-Self Governing Territories
1-7 August World Breast Feeding Week
4-10 October World Space Week
24-30 October Disarmament Week
11-17 November International Week of Science and Peace


UN - Years

2014 International Year of Small Island developing States
International Year of Crystallography
International Year of Family Farming
2013 International Year of Water Co-operation
International Year of Statistics
2012 International Year of Cooperatives
International Year of Sustainable Energy for All
2011 International Year of Chemistry
International Year of Forests
International Year of Youth
2010 International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures
International Year of Biodiversity
2009 International Year of Reconciliation
International Year of Seafarer
International Year of Natural Fibres
International Year of Astronomy
International Year of Human Rights Learning
2008 International Year of Planet Earth
International Year of Languages
International Year of Sanitation
International Year of Potato
2007 International Year of Polar Year
2006 International Year of Deserts and Desertification
2005 International Year of Microcredit
International Year of Sport and Physical Education
International Year of Physics
2004 International Year of commemorate the Struggle against Slavery and its Abolition
International Year of Rice
2003 International Year of Freshwater
2002 International Year of Mountains
International Year of Cultural Heritage
International Year of Ecotourism
2001 International Year of Volunteers
2000 International Year for Culture and Peace
1999 International Year of Older Persons
1998 International Year of the Ocean
1996 International Year for Eradication of Poverty
1994 International Year of the Family
1992 International Year of Space
1991 International Literacy Year
1979 International Year of the Girl Child
1975 International Women’s Year
1974 World Population Year
1970 International Year of Education
1968 International Year for Human Rights
1967 International Tourist Year
1965 International Cooperation Year


1989 SAARC year for Combating Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
1990 SAARC Year of the Girl Child
1991 SAARC Year of Shelter
1992 SAARC Year of Environment
1993 SAARC year of Disabled Persons
1994 SAARC Year of the Youth
1995 SAARC Year of Poverty Eradication
1996 SAARC Year of Literacy
1997 SAARC Year of Participatory Governance
1999 SAARC Year of Biodiversity
2002-03 SAARC Year of Contribution of Youth to Environment
2004 SAARC Awareness year for TB and HIV/AIDS
2005 South Asian Tourism Year
2007 Year of Green South Asia
2008 SAARC Year of Good Governance


1991-2000 SAARC Decade of the Girl Child
2001-2010 SAARC Decade of the Rights of the Child
2006-2015 SAARC Decade of Poverty Alleviation
2010-2020 SAARC Decade of Intra-regional Connectivity


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