First eldest man to climb Mt Everest - Richard Wass
First man to climb Mt Everest - Sherpa Tenzing  Norgay and sir Edmund
Hillary (29th may, 1953)
First man to climb Mount Everest twice - Nawang Gombu
First Asian to win Wimbledon trophy - Arthur Ashe (USA)
First man to Nobel Prize for Literature - Rene F A and Sulli Pradhan (France)
First man to Win Nobel  Peace - Jin F Dunant (Switzerland)
And Frederic  Peiry (France)
First man to win Nobel Prize for Physics - W K Roentgen (Germany)
First man to Win Nobel Prize for Chemistry - J H Wenthoff  (Holland)
First man to Win Nobel prize for Medicine - A E Wonn Behrig (Germany)
First  man to win Nobel prize for Economics - Rangar Fish (Norway)
And John Tinbergen (Holland)
Pakistan’s first Governor General - Mohammed Ali  Jinnah
First President of United States of America - George Washington
First President of  the Republic of China - Dr Sun Yat-Sen
First prime Minister of Great Britain - Robert Walpole
First Secretary General of United Nations   Trigve Li
First UN Deputy Secretary-General - Louise Trechette
First Ethnic-Indian prime minister of Fiji - Mahendra Choudhary
First man to reach North pole - Robert peary
First man to reach south pole   Ronald Amundsen
First man to set foot on the Moon - Neil Armstrong(USA)
First man to go into Space - Major yuri  Gagarin(USSR)
First space Tourist   Dennis Tito (USA)
First Russian (Soviet) prime minister to visit India - Nikolai Bulganin
First man to fly an Aeroplane - Wright Brothers
First person to sail around the world - Ferdinand Magellan
First European to visit china - Marco polo
First European Invader of Indian soil - Alexander, the Great
First deaf and dumb to cross the strait of Gibralter - Taranath  Shenoy (India)
First American president to visit India - Dwight David Eisenhower
First man to draw the map of Earth - Anexemander
First Asian to head the International Cricket Council - Jagmohan Dalmiya
First man to compile Encyclopaedia - Aspheosis (Athens)


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