Basket of Fruits Himachal Pradesh
Black river Sharda River
Blue River The Yangste Kiang (China)
Blue Mountain The Nilgiri Hills
Bone Marrow of North India Ganga River
Boston of India Ahmedabad
Britain of South New Zealand
City of Seven Hills Rome
City of Motor Cars Detroit (USA)
City Beautiful Chandigarh
City of Temples Varanasi
City of Festivals Madurai
City of Buildings Kolkata
City of Nawabs Lucknow
City of Seven Islands Mumbai
City of lakes Udaipur
City of Castles Kolkata
City of Weavers Panipat
City of Rallies New Delhi
City of Magnificient Buildings Washington
City of Magnificent Distances Madras (Chennai)
City of Dreaming Spires Oxford
City of eternal Springs Quito (S. America)
City of Flowers Cape Town (S. Africa)
City of Golden Gate San Francisco (USA)
City of Quiet through fares Venice
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Dakshin Ganga Kaveri
Deccan Queen Pune
Diamond Harbour Calcutta (Kolkata)
Emerald Isle Ireland
Electronic City Bengaluru
Eternal city of Hopes Rome
Forbidden Land Tibet (lhasa)
Gift of the Nile Egypt
Garden of South India Tanjore
Garden in the Desert Ethiopia
Garden of England Kent
Garden City Bengaluru
Gateway of India Bombay (Mumbai)
Gate of Tears The Strait of Badel Mandeb
Gift of Nile Egypt
Golden City Amristar / johannesburg
Holy Land Palestine
Hermit Kingdom Korea
Hollywood of India Mumbai
Heaven of India J & K
Human Equator of the Earth Himalayas
Granite City Aberdeen (Scotland)
Island Continent Australia
Island of Cloves Zanzibar
Isle of Pearls Bahrain
Key to the Mediterranean Gibraltar
King of Indian Forests Teak
Land of the Midnight Sun Norway
Land of Five Seas South West Asia
Land of Lakes Scotland
Land of Golden Pagoda Myanmar
Land of Golden Fleece Australia
Land of Lilies Canada
Land of Maple Canada
Land of Midnight Sun Norway
Land of Morning calm Korea
Land of Setting Sun UK
Land of thousand elephants Laos
Loneliest Island Tristan De Gumha
Land of Pagoda Cambodia
Land of Morning Star Korea
Land of the Rising Sun Japan
Land of Maple Canada
Land of White Elephants Thailand
Longest Road Tunnel in the World Mount Blanc Tunnel (Cuba)
Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan
Land of Thousand Lakes Finland
Little Kashmir Pithoragarh (UK)
Little Lhasha Dharmashala
Manchester of Japan Straits of Gibraltar
Niagara Falls of India Hogenakkal (TN)
Old Ganga Godavari
Playground of Europe Switzerland
Pearl of the Orient Singapore
Pittsburg of India Jamshedpur
Quaker City Philadelphia
Queen of the Adriatic Venice
Queen of Arabian Sea Cochin
Queen of Hills Mussorie
River in the Sea The Gulf Stream
Roof of the World The Pamirs (Tibet)
Pink City Jaipur
Sea Son Lakshadweep
Sickman of Europe Turkey
Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru
Sorrow of China The Hwang Ho
Sorrow of Bihar Kosi
Sorrow of Bengal Damodar
Space City Bengaluru
Spice Garden of India Kerala
State of Five Rivers Punjab
Steel City Jamshedpur
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
Sweet - toothed Island Taiwan
Switzerland of India J & K
The City of Ghost and Temples Varanasi
The Emerald City Seatle
The Eternal City Rome
Twin City Hyderabad Secundarabad
Venice of the East Alappuzha
White City Belgrade
White Man’s Grave Guinea Coast of Africa
Windy City Chicago
Yellow River Hwang Ho River


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