Sir Issac Newton Universal law of Gravitation
Laws of Motion
Archimedes Principle of Buoyancy
Principle of Levers
W. K. Roentegen Discovery of X-Rays
Albert Einstein Law of Photo Electricity
Theory of Relativity
S. N. Bose Quantum Statistics
E. Rutherford Nuclear Model of Atom
C. V. Raman Inelastic Scattering of light wave theory of light
Christian Huygens Proposed the geometrical wave theory of light
C. Doppler Experimented with sound waves, derived expression for the apparent change in wavelength due to relative motion between the source and observer
Michael Faraday Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Devised the first Electrical Transformer
Edwin Hubble Expanding Universe
J. J. Thomson Discovery of Electron
J. Balmer Developed the empirical formula to describe the hydrogen spectrum
L. V de Brogile Wave nature of matter
H. R. Hertz Worked on electromagnetic phenomana
Discovered Radio Waves
Discovered Photoelectric effect
J. C. Bose Ultra short radio waves
W. Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle
Quantum Mechanics
H. Yukawa Theory of Nuclear Forces
R. A. Milikan Measurement of the charge of an electron
Rudolf Clausius Developed second law of thermodynamics
A statement that the entropy of the Universe always increases
Sadi Carnot Founded the science of thermodynamics
A P J Abdul Kalam Popularly known as Missile Man of India for his work on the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology
Johannes van der Walls Worked on equations of state for gases and liquids
Lord Rayleigh Discovered Argon gas and explained how the light scattering is responsible for red colour of sunset and the blue colour of the sky
Max Planck Formulated the Quantum Theory
Piete Zeeman Discovered splitting of spectral lines in strong magnetic field
Marie Curie Discovered radioactivity of thorium
Co-discovered radium and polonium
James Chadwick Discovery of neutron
David J. Wineland Manipulation of individual quantum systems
Aristotle Classification of Animala
Theophrastos Systematic study of botany
Zaccharius Janssen First Compound Microscope
Robert Hook Cell
Francesso redi Opposed Spontaneous generation theory
Anton Von Leeuwenhoek Observed protozoa and calls them animalcules
Carolous Linnaeus Binomial nomenclature
Lazzaro Spallanzani Disapproved theory of spontaneous generation
Edward Jenner Smallpox vaccine
Jean Bapiste Lamarck Modern theory of evolution
Schleiden and Schwann Cell theory
Louis Pasteur Fermentation
Charles Darwin Theory of evolution by natural selection
Gregor Mendel Laws of Inheritance
Friedrich Miescher Discovered Nucleic acid
Robert Koch Germ theory of Diseases
Developed immunization techniques
Koch’s postulates
Kuhne Coined the term enzyme
Karl Landsteiner Blood groups
William Bateson Coined the term genetics
Mikhail Tsvet Discovered Chromatography
Wilhelm Johannsen Coined the term gene
Alexander Fleming Discovered Penicillin
Hans Adolf Krebs Urea Cycle
Tricarboxylic acid cycle
Ernst Ruska Developed electron microscope
Singer and Nicholson Fluid mosaic model
Robert H. Whittaker Five kingdom classification


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