Superlatives World
(The Largest, Biggest, Smallest, Longest, Highest)

Airliner - Longest-Boeing 747-8
Airport - Largest-Kind Abdul Khalid International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Animal -   
  Most Intelligent-Chimpanzee
  Fastest-the peregrine Falcon
  Tallest (on land)-Giraffe
Bay - Largest-Hudson Bay, Canada
Bell - Biggest- Great Bell at Moscow
Bird -   Winless-kiwi
  Largest- Ostrich
  Largest (Sea)-Albatrass
  Smallest-Humming Bird
Bridge - Longest (Railway)-Huex P Long Bridge (7009 m)
Building - Tallest-Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 M)
Building - Tallest (Office)-Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Canal -   Longest (Big-Ship)-Suez Canal (linking Red Sea and Mediterranean sea)
  Busiest (Ship)-Baltic white Sea canal
Capital City - Highest-La Paz (Bolivia)
Church - Longest-Basilica of St potor, Vatican City, Rome (Italy)
Cinema House - Biggestr-Roxy(New Yoke)
City -   Highest-wen Chuan(Tibet, China)
  Largest(in population)-Tokyo
  Biggest (in area)-Mount lsa, Queens Land, Australia
Continent -   Smallest-Australia
Coral Formation - Largest-the Great Barrier Reef(Australia)
Corridor - Longest-Rameshwaram Tempie’s  Corridor
Country -   Largest (in area)-Russia
  Highest- Tibet(the pamirs)
  Largest (in population)-China
Dam -   Highest-Rogunskaya  Dam Airels River Vekhsh, Tajikistan
  Longest-Hirakud  Dan (Odisha), India
  Highest (Straight)-Bhakra Dam
  Largest (Concrete)-Grand Coulee Dam (USA)
Day -   Largest-21 June (in Northern Hemisphere)
  Shortest-22 December (in Southern Hemisphere)
Delta - Largest-Sundarbans, India
Democracy - Largest-India
Desert - Largest-sahara, Africa
Diamond -   Largest-the Cullinan (over 1.5 Lb)
  Largest (Mine)-Kimbarley (south Africa)
Dome - Biggest-Gol  Gumbaz (Bijapur)
Epic - Longest-the Mahabharata
Gas - Lightest-Hydrogen
Gorge - Largest-Grand Canyon, on the Colorado river, USA
Gulf - Longest-Gulf of Mexico
Island - Largest- Greenland (renamed Kalaallit Nunaat)
Lake -   Largest- Greenland (renamed Kalaallit Nunaat)
  Deepest-Baikal (Siberia)
  Highest-Titicaca (Bolivia)
  Largest (Fresh Water)-Lake Superior, USA
  Largest (Artificial)-Lake Mead (Bouler)
Mammal -   Largest-Blue whale
  Smallest- Bumblebee Bal
Melting Point - Highest-Tungstan, 34100 c
Metal - Lightest-Lithium
Minar  (Free Standing) - Tallest-Qutub minar, Delhi (238 ft)
Mosque - Largest-Jama Masjid, Delhi
Mountain Peak(World) - Highest-Mt Everest (Nepal)
Mountain Range -   Longest-Andes CS America
Museum - Biggest-British Museum(London)
Ocean - Deepest and Biggest-the Pacific
Palace - Largest-Imperial Palace (Gujong) Beijing (china)
Park - Largest-National Park, Greenland
Peninsula - Largest-Arabia
Place -   Coldest- vershoyansk (Siberia) Temperture 850 c
  Hottest-al-Aziziyah (Libya, Africa) 1360 F
  Driest-Death Valley (California)
Poisonous Snake - Longest-King Cobra
Port -   Largest-port of new York and new Jersey (USA)
  Biggest-Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Railway - Longest-Trans-Siberian Railway
Railway platform - Longest-kharagpur, India
Reptile which Changes its  colour -   Largest- Grand Contral Terminal, Terminal,  New York (USA)
River -   Longest-Nile (6690 km)
  Largest (Basin)-Amazon Basin
Sea (Inland) - Largest-Mediterranean
Stadium - Largest- Strahov Stadium in Progue (the Czech Republic)
Statue - Tallest-Spring Temple Buddha, China
Substance - Hatdest-Diamond
Swimming course - Longest-English Channel
Temple - Largest-Angkorwat  (Cambodia)
Tower - Tallest-Canadian National (CN) Tower, Toronto, Canada
Train Nonstop - Longest-Flying Scotsman
Tunnel -   Longest and Largest (Canal)-Le Rove Tunnel (South of france)
  Longest (Railway)-Seikan Rail Tunnel (Jaipur)
Volcano -   Largest-Mauna Loa (Hawail)
  Highest-Ojos del Salado, Andes, Argentine-Chile (6885 m)
Wall - Longest-Great Wall of China
Waterfall - Highest-Salto Angel Fails (Venezuela)
World’s Rainiest Spot - Cherrapunji  (Mawsynram)


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