1.  Article which relates to continuance of the rights of citizenship is?
A. Article 9B. Article 10
C. Article 11D. Article 8

2.  Article 37 express about?
A. Organisation of village PanchayatsB. Promotion of co-operative societies
C. Seperation of judiciary from executiveD. Application of the Directive Principles

3.  The Article tells about the removal of Vice-President is?
A. 67(b)B. 67(a)
C. 67(c)D. None of the these

4.  The dissolution of Loksabha belongs to the article
A. 83B. 84
C. 85D. 86

5.  The Article which tells about the disqualification of members of parliament is?
A. Article 99B. Article 102
C. Article 101 D. Article 100

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