6.  'Money Bills' is related to the article?
A. Article 106B. Article 109
C. Article 110D. Article 117

7.  Article which tells about the power of President to consult Supreme Court?
A. Article 143B. Article 123
C. Article 133D. Article 153

8.  Article which tells about the responsibilities of Panchayats is?
A. Article 243EB. Article 243J
C. Article 243BD. Article 243G

9.  The Article which tells about the 'Finance Commission' in Municipalities is?
A. Article 243WB. Article 243X
C. Article 243YD. Article 243Z

10.  Article which related to inter state water disputes is?
A. Article 260B. Article 262
C. Article 263D. Article 261

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