Historical Background

1.  The first Governor General of Bengal is?
A. Robert CliveB. Lord Warren Hastings
C. Lord MintoD. Lord William Bentinck

2.  The Macaulay Committee (the Committee on Indian Civil Service) was appointed in?
A. 1851B. 1852
C. 1853D. 1854

3.  Which Act become the most important landmark in the constitutional and political history of india?
A. Indian Council Act, 1861B. Indian Council Act, 1909
C. Government of India Act, 1858D. Government of India Act, 1919

4.  Who is called as "Father of Communal Electorate'?
A. Lord ChelmsfordB. Lord Canning
C. Lord MintoD. Lord Simon

5.  Bicameralism and Direct Elections was introduced in ?
A. Indian Councils Act of 1909B. Government of India Act of 1919
C. Indian Councils Act of 1892D. Government of India Act of 1935

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