Historical Background

6.  The Central Public Service Commission was set up in 1926, based on the recommendations of?
A. Woods CommitteeB. Macaulay Committee
C. Lee CommissionD. Radcliff Commission

7.  Simon Commission was boycotted by Indians, because?
A. All the members of the commission were BritishB. They recommend continuation of communal eloectorate
C. They recommend the abolition of dyarchyD. Seperation of budgets

8.  The Government of India Act of 1935 contains ___ Sections ana ____ Schedules?
A. 221, 8B. 261, 12
C. 301, 11D. 321, 10

9.  The Government of India Act of 1935, abolished the Council of India, which was established by ?
A. Regulating Act of 1773B. Government of India Act of 1858
C. Charter Act of 1813D. Government of India Act of 1919

10.  The Act which provided the establishment of Reserve Bank of India is?
A. Indian Council Act, 1909B. Government of India Act, 1919
C. Government of India Act, 1935D. Indian Independence Act, 1947

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