1.  The part 'Citizenship' contains articles from
A. 4 to 8B. 5 to 11
C. 5 to 10D. 6 to 11

2.  Part 7 was deleted by the ______ Amendment act?
A. 6thB. 11th
C. 2ndD. 7th

3.  Part 9-B deals with?
A. The Union TerritoriesB. The Co-operative Societies
C. Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of IndiaD. Miscellaneous

4.  The part related to "Tribunals' is?
A. 9-BB. 9-A
C. 14-AD. 15

5.  The part related to 'Elections' is?
A. 15B. 14
C. 17D. 16

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