6.  Part 18 deals with
A. Emergency provisionsB. Amendment of the Constitution
C. MiscellaneousD. Elections

7.  Right to Property comes under the part?
A. 13B. 10
C. 11D. 12

8.  Part 4-A was added to the Constitution on the _____ Amendment act of year ____?
A. 42nd, 1978B. 42nd, 1976
C. 44th, 1976D. 44th, 1978

9.  Part 9-B was added by the ____ Amendment Act?
A. 95thB. 96th
C. 97thD. 98th

10.  Part 9-A was added on the year?
A. 1992B. 1994
C. 1990D. 1996

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