6.  At present the total number of subjects present in the seventh schedule is?
A. 211B. 213
C. 214D. 212

7.  'Sindhi' language was added to the 8th schedule on the ______ amendment act?
A. 19thB. 23rd
C. 25thD. 21st

8.  The language 'Manipuri' was added in the 8th schedule on the year ____ ?
A. 1994B. 1993
C. 1992D. 1991

9.  The language which is not added in the 92nd Amendment act of 2003 is?
A. BodoB. Nepali
C. DongriD. Santhali

10.  The number of Acts and Regulations present originally in ninth schedule is?
A. 11B. 13
C. 15D. 16

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