11.  The Article which covers the Ninth schedule is?
A. 31-DB. 31-C
C. 31-BD. 31-A

12.  Anti-defection law was added in the Schedules by?
A. 52nd Amendment act, 1985B. 51st Amendment act, 1984
C. 52nd Amendment act, 1986D. 51st Amendment act, 1985

13.  Article which relates to eleventh schedule is?
A. 243-DB. 243-E
C. 243-FD. 243-G

14.  Twelfth Schedule was added by the?
A. 72nd Amendment Act of 1992B. 74th Amendment Act of 1992
C. 76th Amendment Act of 1994D. 73rd Amendment Act of 1994>

15.  The number of matters present in the 11th schedule is?
A. 27B. 28
C. 29D. 30

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