Mental Ability

Coding and Decoding

11.  If ‘the coded of ‘PARK’ is ‘5394’ code for ‘SHIRT’ is ‘17698’ and code for ‘PANDIT’ is ‘532068’ then what will be the code for ‘NISHAR’
A. 266734B. 231954
C. 201739D. 261739

12.  If ‘INSURE’ is coded as 951495, then how will ‘PATRIOT’ be coded ?
A. 7129962B. 231954
C. 7129962D. 7129962

13.  If ‘LIBRARY’ is coded as ‘Court’, ’court’ as ‘college’, ‘ college’ as ‘gymnasium’ ‘gymnasium’ as ‘camber’ ‘chamber as ‘cinemahall’ and ‘cinemahall’ as 'hospital’ , then where will the cases of the people be decided?
A. CollegeB. Court
C. GymnasiumD. Chamber

14.  If in certain code ‘493’ means ‘ feiendship difficult challenge’, ‘961’ , means,‘struggle difficult exam., and ‘178’ means ‘exam believable subject’, then Which digit is used for ‘believable
A. 7 or 8B. 7 or 9
C. 8D. 8 or 1

15.  If ‘MARE’ is coded as ‘NESI’ and ‘LOVER’ as ‘MUWIS’ then how will ‘ABOVE’ be coded ?

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